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Mountain View Hospital orthopaedic surgeons and surgical team have treated thousands of our community residents with a variety of orthopaedics issues, from sports injuries to joint replacements. As a team we are dedicated to helping individuals recover from injuries. From the moment you arrive at Mountain View Hospital, you become part of a tradition of innovative and personalized healthcare. Since our doors opened more than 10 years ago, our mission has been excellence. We strive to lead in patient care and unparalleled treatment in a patient and physician friendly environment. Above all, we aim to provide the highest quality healthcare and service to all of our patients and their families.

Our surgical department is comprised of eight state-of-the-art operating suites on our main campus and two operating suites at an off-site ambulatory surgery center. The surgeons use the latest technology powered by Stryker for Navigation with Computer Assisted Surgery (CAS)…it’s like GPS for surgery. To learn more click here…

Imaging Center
Mountain View Hospital’s Medical Imaging Department is committed to providing the highest quality diagnostic imaging with a personal atmosphere. Our technologists are some of the most experienced in the area and our local Radiologists are part of a very diversified and talented team. Our commitment to your safety and satisfaction is reflected in our efforts obtain images at a higher standard. Our CT and MRI scanners are all accredited through the American College of Radiology.

X-ray, also known as radiography, is one of the oldest and fastest ways to view and evaluate the skull, spine, joints, extremities, and some internal organs. X-ray is useful in diagnosing bone injury and disease.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
MRI is one of the most powerful tools available to radiologists today. MRI has become the preferred procedure for evaluating and diagnosing a large number of potential problems in many different parts of the body. In general, MRI creates images that show differences between healthy and unhealthy tissue. Doctors can use MRI to examine the brain, spine, joints (e.g., knee, shoulder, wrist, and ankle), abdomen, pelvic region, breast, blood vessels, heart and other body parts. MRI’s use powerful magnetic fields and radio waves instead of x-rays to create detailed images of the body. It is a non-invasive imaging procedure that detects diseases and conditions in their earliest stages, including many common types of cancer. In addition to enabling an early diagnosis, MRI scanning makes it possible to assess the degree to which a disease has progressed and to help make judgments about effective therapy.

Extremity MRI
Mountain View Hospital’s Open MRI allows you to relax, reclining in a comfortable chair, with only the injured extremity in the MRI. The system provides high quality images to your physician enabling confident diagnosis. Because the MRI is so comfortable, many patients ask if we can perform all scans with it. Our unit can perform lower extremity joint imagining (feet, ankles and knees) and upper extremity scans (fingers, hands, wrists, and elbows).

Physical Therapy
Whether to help patients rehabilitate from surgery or an injury, or simply to assist someone regain a healthy body, Mountain View Hospital’s Physical Therapy offers a broad based program with versatile exercise regimens.  Mountain View Physical Therapy specializes in pain alleviation, strength restoration, and rehabilitation to achieve optimal functionality.

Our highly trained and dedicated licensed physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, occupational therapists, and athletic trainers provide one-on-one attention for every patient. We provide our clients with an individualized treatment plan to help each person reach unique rehabilitation goals. We aim to reduce pain, improve range of motion, increase strength and endurance, and promote a quick return to daily functions.
We also provide patients with the best physical therapy facility in Eastern Idaho. Unique to our physical therapy complex is a large exercise pool enabling low-impact strengthening and conditioning, an indoor track providing an expanded variety of treatment/training therapies, and access to Mountain View Hospital’s Health and Fitness Academy. Same day appointments may be available to get you on the road to recovery as quickly as possible.

For more information about Mountain View Hospital’s services, please call: 208.557.2839

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