Meet Our Surgeons

Innovative Experience

Our surgeons are highly specialized and experienced in their fields. The wide range of our surgeons experience, allows individualized treatment strategies to be specifically designed for each patient’s unique condition. Our surgeons are leaders in their respective specialties and provide the most advanced treatments for musculoskeletal conditions in adults, children and geriatric patients. They stay abreast of the most significant advances in orthopaedic surgery, while incorporating a personalized approach to delivering care to each and every patient who seeks their expertise.

Many of our surgeons were born and raised in Southeast Idaho. All of our surgeons have been active residents of our community for several years. To learn more about the Surgeons you know click below…


John Andary, MD


Greg West, MD


Phil McCowin, MD

iStock_000031644916_Large-09Stan Griffiths, MD

Biddulph-05Greg Biddulph, MD

iStock_000031644916_Large-07Casey Huntsman, MD

iStock_000031644916_Large-11Jason Dalling, MD

iStock_000031644916_Large-10Joseph Liljenquist, MD

iStock_000031644916_Large-12Robert Lee, MD